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Cars like everything else just wear out over time or family commitments mean we just grow out of them. 

So its time for a newer car or something a little bigger.

You can save a lot of money buying a used car. New cars are nice but as soon as you drive away from the showroom its lost 25% of its value.

So makes sense to get a quality used car that’s already lost the bulk of its depreciation. A new car will loose over 50% of its cost price in the first 3 years.

Time for another car? Buy Used and save thousands of pounds…



Very impressed with the excellent service I received. I went to look at the car at very short notice and the owner went out of his way to accommodate me. He was very friendly and helpful. I would highly recommend this company. Suzy, London.

VW BEETLE 1.4 PETROL MANUAL LUNA CONVERTIBLE. Cabriolet Convertible with Electric Roof, 45k Miles.

BMW 5 SERIES SE TOURING ESTATE 525i 3.0 AUTOMATIC Luxury Executive Estate Car HPi CLEAR ~ 2007-2008 Newer Facelift Model only TAX only £225 per YearThanks, had a great drive back to Bristol, Chris

BMW 5 SERIES SE TOURING ESTATE 525i 3.0 AUTOMATIC Luxury Executive Estate Car
HPi CLEAR ~ 2007-2008 Newer Facelift Model only TAX only £225 per Year

IMG_1886Its FAB thanks.


IMG_1875Just like to say how wonderful the Citroen C5 I bought from you last week is. The drive home was great. It was good to do business with you, cheers.

Crow2-2000x555an’t decide which car to buy and need some advice on it? Well, there is no prescription for this problem and the answer can be anything. Also, no one else can decide this for you and you must find the answer for yourself.

Then what’s the use of reading this blog? We can only help you to take the correct decision but ultimately the power lies with you. You should read this till the end; so that you can be clear about what exactly do you want to drive or gift, if the later is a possibility in your case.

Let us start with a hatchback or estate car. These cars are not usually head-turners220217,xcitefun-ford-c-max-5

In this world, there are three types of people.

The first kind sticks to the proven and tested things, and is extremely risk averse. The third kind is keen on testing and trying out new things. The second kind, which includes the majority of people in this world, loves the status quo and is generally driven by the popular opinion or gets fooled by TV ads.

This is a generic classification of people according to their mentality about things, including the cars they buy and drive. In fact, the buying decision is largely influenced by risk taking tendencies of people.

2010-Mercedes-Benz-E-Class-Estate-Some people stick [...]

Cars are mechanical – dead machines of steel, glass and fibre that take us from place to another in a timely manner, without any fail, every single time!

So how on earth does the colour of a car matter, right? Every rational human being who has ever walked on this planet will agree with the fact that people who are choosy regarding the colours of cars waste their time over it.

But, ladies and gentlemen, why do you spend so much time and money over the colour of your clothes, house paints, curtains, and even freaking sunglasses?

Well, these are part of our personality and it represents the extension of my inner preferences to the outer world. We are yet to see a [...]

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