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    Boss Motor Company

    We adopt a standard, normal screening procedure before listing cars for sale on our database and putting it up for display. But the rigobuy essay here illegal immigration essay conclusionrous verification or attention to minutest details may not be possible under all cases. If strictly advise you to check those details for yourself, or seek clarification from the previous owner regarding any point of doubt, when you make a personal visit to the place where the car currently is.

    Boss Car Dealer

    No we don’t. However, we check for the availability of all the necessary legal documents before the transfer of ownership takes buy essay here illegal immigration essay conclusionplace, so that our service standards remain intact. We inform the informed parties to make necessary arrangements for preparing the legal documents based on a mutual agreement, and in some cases we may facilitate the process by providing the necessary consulting and supply of information. But that is not our prerogative and we are not accountable for the legal documents that might be missing and cause some problem. Our responsibility is restricted to intimating and warning the parties involved, so that they can take due measures.

    Boss Used Cars

    When the parties involved acknowledge in writing that they have completed all the necessary formalities and clauses mentioned in the sale/service contract provided by us, including but not limited to the confirmation that the agreed amount has been transacted safely and received by the concerned party, we consider a sale to be done and closed from our end. Our accountability is limited only up to the point of time of sale and not after that. Involved parties are suggested to clarify all doubts and check for all possible discrepancies before we consider a sale to be done, because we shall not entertain any request regarding any process that should have been completed by the parties before the sale.

    Boss Cars UK

    We shall make arrangements for refunds, in part or full, depending on the case and the laws, provided enough evidence is presented that we have violated or have not fulfilled any clause mentioned in the contract of sale/service, as agreed and signed upon by all concerned parties. The amount of refund will depend entirely on the degree to which the evidences will be furnished regarding infringement of the clauses by us, and shall under no circumstances, exceed the amount paid to us by the concerned party. It effectively means that we are not responsible for any damage, direct or indirect, arising out of our dealing with the stipulated affairs, and shall not be liable to pay any penalties arising out of the same, unless instructed otherwise by a court of law.

    Yes, that might be a possibility but at our sole discretion, we will decide on a case-to case basis. This shouldn’t be taken as a general rule.
    Normally, we don’t. This is not a scope we intend to monetise. However, in some extremely special cases, some charges may apply.
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