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Car Colour. How does paint colour choice matter for different types of cars?

Cars are mechanical – dead machines of steel, glass and fibre that take us from place to another in a timely manner, without any fail, every single time!

So how on earth does the colour of a car matter, right? Every rational human being who has ever walked on this planet will agree with the fact that people who are choosy regarding the colours of cars waste their time over it.

But, ladies and gentlemen, why do you spend so much time and money over the colour of your clothes, house paints, curtains, and even freaking sunglasses?

Well, these are part of our personality and it represents the extension of my inner preferences to the outer world. We are yet to see a banker going to office wearing a green coloured suit, yellow shades and a pink coloured car. Some may say that bankers are too much focused on stereotypes, but that’s how the world is!

Therefore, it is important to give due importance to the colours of their cars. There are a few important factors that you would like to consider, before choosing what coloured car you would drive.

Among these factors, the most important one is your profession. The role one’s profession can play in deciding the colour of the car has already been well illustrated. To consider another example, think about an advertisement agency’s office. You will see a lot of bright and vibrant colours in the parking lot, simply due to the culture of creative freedom they enjoy.

Another important factor is the locality you live in. Your address pretty much determines what colour you should choose for your car, provided you don’t want your car to be the winner in the ‘pick the odd man out’ game!

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