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Boss Motor Cars is committed toward making buying or selling vehicles easy. Be it a family car or a prestige vintage classic. Buying a car should be somejaguar_e-type_series_iii_v12_1970-boss-motorsthing to look forward to Not a scary, time consuming endeavor. We aim to make it fun, enjoyable and a fulfilling experience.

We follow a business model that is extremely useful to those that really want to buy or sell a vehicle. We do our very best to keep our customers happy and will go the extra mile to make this happen. For that purpose, we rigorously apply our activities with the process briefly stated below:

  • We are always looking to buy cars that are in a good condition. Over the years, we have stayed in touch with many organizations and individuals who buy & sell their cars through us because they get a generous resale value.
  • We inspect each and every aspect of a car that we buy, be it the mechanical components, electrical equipment or legal documentation. Our aim is to deliver used cars to our customers that they can really use and enjoy.
  • If you require a particular car that is not currently in stock please contact us and we will find it for you.

Selling Your Car

We can also sell cars on your behalf FREE of charge. We will only take a small commission on the sale of the vehicle. Please contact us and we will arrange everything, including featured advertising on 100’s of websites, not only in the UK but throughout Europe and all around the World for rare or exclusive vehicles.Alpha



At BOSS MOTORS, we have long standing relationships with many individuals and organizations that prefer us over others for selling their used cars. Among many things that they like about us, we provide them with buyers that give them optimum price.


We don’t take anything for granted. To maintain the standards of our service and the quality of cars we display on our website, we carry out a thorough check of every single aspect of cars. Rest assured, you won’t find anything fishy about the cars we endorse.


The database that we have with us for our online inventory of used cars is scrutinized and checked for discrepancies a multiple number of times, so that our valued customers don’t get disappointed by any hidden fact when they advance towards buying cars.


Our online inventory model has helped us a lot in reducing the overhead costs, which in turn has helped us maintain a healthy profit margin even after selling used cars at a much lower price than what our competitors quote.


We realize the importance and legal implications of the documentation associated with cars and the transfer of ownership. We don’t allow anything that is illegal, or whose legal status of ownership is not clear. By doing that, we ensure that our customers remain tension-free.


Our goal is to see our customers happy with the cars they acquire through us. We believe that the relationship with our customers doesn’t end with selling a car, but rather it begins. We strive to deliver true value to our customers in terms of quality cars and quality service at the most reasonable rates.


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