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Suv, Saloon, Hatchbacks – Which one to buy?

Crow2-2000x555an’t decide which car to buy and need some advice on it? Well, there is no prescription for this problem and the answer can be anything. Also, no one else can decide this for you and you must find the answer for yourself.

Then what’s the use of reading this blog? We can only help you to take the correct decision but ultimately the power lies with you. You should read this till the end; so that you can be clear about what exactly do you want to drive or gift, if the later is a possibility in your case.

Let us start with a hatchback or estate car. These cars are not usually head-turners220217,xcitefun-ford-c-max-5 but are very versatile and a good family option. Being inexpensive and fuel-efficient, these cars are ideal for cities with cFord C-MAXcongested traffic, families and professionals who need a car for everyday use. If you belong to this category, definitely go for hatchback or estate.

If you are a bit adventurous, do some off-road driving and need a heavy-duty vehicle with lots of engine musrange-rover-evoque-01cle, you need SUVs for sure. These cars are also good for high speed driving on city roads and are a safer option as compared to hatchbacks, for the improved safety and brake features they have.range-rover-evoque-convertible_100383380_m

Big executive saloon’s and luxury sports cars are for those who are classy, savvy, rich, and has a statement to make. Being a bit costly and usually with large engine sizes and high maintenance costs. They are also not as fuel efficient as the smaller hatchbacks and need a lot of care on a daily basis to keep its glamour intact. If you can afford it, maintain it and most importantly, want to make an impression on the mind of the onlooker, buy a luxury saloon or sport car.


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